Spaceship Station No. 329 and alien friend Bethany
In the pursuit of understandings and relationships of volume, shapes, 3-dimensional forms, geometry compositions, scale, texture and colors, these 3d compositions of basic geometries has been created. 

I am showing you my resolutions with the rhino 6 turntable animation tool. 
Spaceship Station composition then got taken into the SCI-Arc robot house and taken two videos with help of robotic arms. 

First video has rotating arms controlling moving lights, second video is taken with rotary table so model is moving. Both short videos camera stay static with support of tripod.
The other clusters are more planar-composed, so I go back to rounded volumes with this last volume.  I created one more turntable video and it turns out to be a more friendly form so I decided to make it into an alien with help of texture mapping. 
Texture Mapping png: Top viewport, Channeling RGB, full with Bitmap.(ps) 
Texture Mapping png: Top viewport, Channeling RGB, full with no Bitmap.(ps) 
Our alien friend Bethany from the Wabisabi Star was born in August 1, 2019, which makes her a Leo baby. I figured a more contrasting, lively and fiery color palette with bitmap fits her personality. 
Bethany in real life to scale model form. 
Introduction of our Wabisabi Star Leo friend was a blast! Everyone liked Bethany and crit was as great as always. :)

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