Monsters Bathhouse SFO
Puff Pillow: Urban Bathhouse Project 
Professor: Margaret Griffin
Monsters bathhouse has a part-hard part-soft quality. Located in the heart of tenderloin district of sfo, between crosswalk of 903 Oferrall and Polk, it has a monumental position among sfo bathhouses. 

Concept formed out of booleaned added and subtracted geometries, extruded w constructed curves and profiles. 

Then through another series of Boolean operations and another to carefully look at and study unexpected spaces within unique space within another space, in order to create unworldly bathing experiences. 

The resulting unified big baggy monster concept has an animated characteristics. 

Inside it the unworldly bathing experiences that are inspired by sensory therapeutic and constantly influx quality of water.

Instead of a crisp and loud material quality, exterior facade of Monster bathhouse has a soft and puffy puff first impression which would be unexpected of a monster theme, to contrast interior massy mass graphic language. 

Process: #1. Constructed Profiles to Volumes
Process: #2. Using Boolean subtract and union operations to come up with different parti iterations.
Process: #3. Testing possible iterations of boolean volumes put together. Fit parti to site box.
Process: #4A. Boolean Parti Iteration No.1 and solid-void poche diagram.
Process: #4B. Boolean Parti Iteration No.2 and solid-void poche diagram.
Process: #5. Finalized boolean parti, parti to site bird eye top view, poche diagram analysis of solid and void. 
Process: #6. Clipping plane of volumes from boolean operations. ​​​​​​​
Process: #7. Sections and elevations of volumes from boolean operations. 

Process: #8. Surface material and texture.
Process: #9. Interior shots.
Process: #10. Axon cut through

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