Bauhaus and Trash Bag series

Still Life, Relief, and (double-sized yellow tracing paper) Soft Form. 

1. Geometry composition *3 sets
2. Turned into 3" squeezed flat wall relief 
Handmade Bristol and mat board to scale model, craftsmanship was evaluated ;)
Edited the form in Rhino and laser cut 2nd model. Compare notably amount of differences. 
light and shadows captured. 
3. Double sized model, made by yellow tracing paper and yellow artist tape. 
Details, hanging vs sitting. 
Philip Hue lighting system(4 bulbs), Cannon EOS camera, to project different coloring effect. Then flattened. 
This is my individual project, flattened "Trash bag" is approved by studio fellows. :D
Very Proud of my outcome: it's the on trend Purple Trash Bag. 
Back to Bauhaus color, just cuz why not? 

Jokes aside, I ve been revisiting Gropius, Albers, Klee, Kandinsky and finding great comforts and encouragements from the irreplaceable predecessors. Very blessed, our generation and our times. :)

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